Willie L Brown Jr. Elementary School

Man, I don’t know what these folks are doing at Willie L. Brown Jr. Elementary in San Francisco, CA, but they could have instructed the kids to pick option C for every test question and scored better on their state assessments than this. I’ve seen some pretty bad scores working on this project, and as a Cali native I know how sad their education is, but this is seriously so bad, I had to put ’em on blast:

So, Willie L. Brown Jr. Elementary, why in the heck are only 5% of your student body proficient in English Language Arts by 7th grade? Why only 3% proficient in Math in 7th grade?? How is that even statistically possible?????

I’d also like to point out that 0% of their female students are proficient in Math. That’s right, folks, ZERO.

(I’m so glad this school isn’t named after MLK 🙂 But I guess I should mention that Willie Brown is a former mayor of San Francisco and is Afro-American for people who aren’t familiar with CA politics)


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