What to do about the Filipinos!

So, I’ve got a Filipino problem! California breaks Filipinos out as a separate demographic from both Asians and from Pacific Islanders. Culturally, I can understand that. We owned the Phillippines for awhile (they might still be a protectorate for all I know) and they were colonized by Spain for a whole lotta years before that. They aren’t really cultural Asian or PI after all that Spanish/American influence. However, this is annoying me. I don’t have a Filipino spot in my spreadsheet! I’ve considered adding them together with the Asian or PI numbers, but I don’t know. I really had no clue I’d run into so many data issues for something as straightforward as “get test assessment data and plug into excel”.


2 responses to “What to do about the Filipinos!

  1. I think you should add a column for them because each demographic is important. Throwing them in with another group does not do justice to those people and they should be able to be represented instead of thrown in with another group. I am interested to see what you have developed in your presentation. I hope all is coming along well.

    • I spent a lot of time mulling this one over. I ended up just leaving that column out completely. I’ll have to explain that my data will not be consistent as to Asian and Islander groups in my paper but I couldn’t see an expedient way to keep the data consistent any other way. Since I’m looking at schools across the nation, there is some variability as to the data available or how they do their subgroups. California is the only state so far that has chosen to add separate columns solely for Tahitian, Samoan, Guamanian, Filipino, etc. California may also be the only state (other than Hawaii) that has a significant sized population of these students in one school. In the grand scheme of what I’m working on, it seemed it was best to leave them out. Hopefully, my Filipino friends won’t be mad about my dismissal of their demographic category 🙂

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