Data + Excel = *yawn*

Sorry folks, but compiling data someone else collected is kinda boring! It’s times like this that I wish I could just run some script to spider MLK websites for me and plug the state data into an excel sheet. That would be nice.  Instead, I’m rating school websites based on the scale I posted earlier, looking for year of founding, and finalizing exactly what data is going to get analyzed out of the mountains of stuff the Feds are requiring the states to collect. The upside is all the data is there. The downside is there is tons of it. So, if anyone wants to hear my adventures in plugging data into Excel, I’ll be happy to expound on that. No really, I would be thrilled.


2 responses to “Data + Excel = *yawn*

  1. Claire,

    I am especially interested in your topic because of my experiences in Nashville last year. I attended TSU which is on Rosa Parks Boulevard. The university is in a poor neighborhood just outside of downtown. Crime is high, gpa’s are low. I’m excited to see what you find about schools. Did you decide to include magnet schools? Martin Luther King High School was a few blocks away from TSU, and from the outside, seemed very much like the stereotype you are researching. Although a daunting amount of data is involved, I think your research is really worth while. I hope you find it rewarding in the end. Supposing you find what you are hypothesizing, who do you think would benefit most from seeing your research?


  2. Claire,

    I cannot wait to see what your research reveals. I think that it is important to keep standards up in all schooling but this specific connotation is going to be very interesting. I hope that you can struggle through with you data, I too know that it is a major struggle when the data seems never ending but I know you will get through it. Good Luck!


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